We are a full service Immigration Law Firm.

Our services range from visa application, naturalization and citizenship to deportation defense. Please see our services page for a complete list of services.

The Law Office of Maria H. Barrett operates with a single focus: You, the client. Mrs. Barrett offers flexible hours during work days and weekends to better fit your schedule, is easy to communicate with via electronic means, telephone or in person to meet your preference, and Attorney Barrett will think outside the box with a modern insight to help you resolve your issue. Our office accepts all types of immigration cases from visas & citizenship to deportation defense.

Immigration policy and law in the United States is a slow, cumbersome, and complicated process. Our firm has the expertise in navigating this complex bureaucratic system necessary for your success.  We offer competitive flat rate fees for the handling of visa, permanent residency, and citizenship services. No matter what your immigration law concern – we’re standing by to help.

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